The Spearman Police Department offers a vacation watch / close patrol on your residence.  A resident can request a security check be made of their property.  If any unknown person is found on the property, they may be detained and interviewed by a police officer.  It's not a contract to guard your property; rather a request to the Spearman Police Department to physically and randomly check your property.  Please use the above form to request these services from the department.  They may be completed and submitted online, or turned in to the Police Department at City Hall or at the Dispatch Center at the Sheriff's Office.  
Have problems with people driving in an unsafe manner in your neighborhood?  Is someone always running the stop sign in front of your house?  The Spearman Police Department takes these matters seriously and always welcomes you bringing ongoing problems of this nature to our attention.  Please complete the above form and submit it online or in person to the Police Department at City Hall.  
Know of someone who commited a crime?  Did you see something that looked suspicious and later learned that a crime had been committed at that location?  We will gladly take all the information you have to provide.  You do not need to provide your name.  Only detailed information regarding what knowledge you have.  Click on the link above to submit your tips.